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Tender Documents

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Service Levels in Preparing Tender Docs:

  • First

    • Reviewing and Evaluating Tender Docs

      • If you are the tenderee and are willing to provide tendering process, you need to be aware of accuracy and correctness of tender docs which will be submitted to the tenderer.
      • If you are the tenderer and are willing to participate in tender, you need to be aware of accuracy and correctness of your bid which will be submitted to the tenderee.
  • Second

    • Negotiation and attendance in clarification session

      • Reviewing tender docs and providing questions about any ambiguity, contradiction and discrepancies.
      • Negotiation with the bidder.
  • Third

    • Preparing Tender Docs

      • Drafting advertisement for invitation to public bid or preparing invitation letter to the limited tenderer.
      • Preparing invitation to bid (ITB)
      • Providing Tender terms
      • Preparing tender price letter
      • Providing questionare for pre-evaluation
      • ِDrafting contract.
      • Preparing confidentiality letter
      • Providing intellectual property right policy
      • Drafting sample of bid bond, performance guarantee and advance payment guarantee
      • Providing coordination procedure
      • Procedure of dispute resolution
      • Letter of award.
tender-Iran contract bar

  Standard Tender Docs-published by Plan and Budget Organization .‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎.‎ Download