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Warranty Letter

Warranty Letter-Iran Contract Club

Providing any service requires assuring to customers for the accuracy and good performance of services. The Iran Contract Club also announces the golden warranty conditions of its contract-drafting services as follows:
The warranty for the contract-drafting services will include re-correcting the text of the contract without charge.
This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

A) Our Firm is not responsible for the accuracy of the contract materials based on incorrect information provided by the customer.

B) Our Firm is not responsible for the accuracy of the contract materials based on incomplete and insufficient information provided by the customer.

C) The responsibility of our Firm under warranty is effective if our Firm is allowed to negotiate with the contracting party.

D) The use of the warranty under the conditions of the golden guarantee will be subject to non-interference in the text of the final draft of contract provided by our Firm, including addition, amendment, deletion and any change.

E) The liability of our Firm resulting from this warranty will be limited to legal and judicial pursuit to compensate the lost incurred by the customer without receiving an attorney fee.

F) Any correspondence (whether sending official or unofficial letters via e-mail, post, fax and other social networks), agreement, adjustment or amendment regarding contracts, without consulting and obtaining the opinion of our Firm, causes our Firm to be released from liability under this Warranty. 

G) It will be the discretion of the judicial authorities to determine the inaccuracy of the contract materials.