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Contract Translation

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Necessity to Translate Appropriate

One of the necessities in companies for the international contracts is to avail themeselves of signed or drafted contracts and its related documents and appendices in other languages. In the meantime, the concern of the managers is whether the translation of contract texts by the public translators from English to Persian or vice versa is correct; Especially if it is mentioned and stated in the contract that “in case of conflict between the Persian and English text, the English/Persian text has priority.”
May the translation of these documents be left to translators who have the general knowledge of translation?

Example of Mistake in Translation

1- Some translators translates the word "execute" to "fullfil", while the correct translation for that is to "sign" the contract.

"THIS AGREEMENT is made and executed the 1th day of December, 2019, by and between Seller and Buyer"

 2- Some translators translates the word "Custom Duties" to "common obligations", while the correct translation for that is all the costs accrued by the port authorities in order to import goods.

"The bidder is to quote the price of the items excluding custom duties & taxes and port handling/other charges"

"The Supplier shall be entirely responsible for all applicable taxes, custom duties, VAT and other levies imposed or incurred inside or outside Iran"


Who is capable of translation?

Since the general translation of contract documents does not meet your needs at all, and even Certified Translators and Interpreters generally cannot carry out this job well and practically the translated documents are commonly inconsistent with the content of the contract, so the Iranian Contract Club decided to establish its Translation Dept. to provide specialized translation of contract documents.

Professional translation differs from general or legal translation, and the specialist in contract drafting is an expert who can provide a proper translation of the contract as you wish

translation of contract texts-Iran Contract Club

You could see some words and expressions in the field of contract drafting in the book titled

"A Guide to Drawing Up International Contracts", Ahmad Motevalli and Samaneh Kaftari.

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