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Claim Management

claim management-Iran contract club

Service Levels on Claim

  • Preparation for Claim and Demonstration
  1. Providing all correspondences
  2. Providing all letter in response to the alleged claim
  3. Claim on payment of contractual amounts
  4. Giving consultaion to the project manager
  5. Drafting Contractual Coordination Procedure
  • Making Claim and drafting pleading
  1. Study on Contract, MOM, correspondences and all related docs
  2. Finding evidences
  3. Assortment of claims and give priority to them
  4. Drafting reliable legal grounds for claims
  5. Preparing the initial legal opinion
  6. Providing claim with regard to the selected claim path
claim management-Iran contract club

All Probable Claims in Contracts

First: Claim on Delay

  1. Late Payment
  2. Late Opening of LC
  3. Delay in Approval
  4. Late Performance

Second: Claim on Escalation

  1. Escalation caused by increasing in Material Value
  2. Escalation caused by increasing in Remuneration and Fees
  3. Escalation caused by Fluctuation in Exchange Rate
  4. Escalation caused by Extension of the Contract Term

Third: Increasing in Price

  1. Increasing caused by increasing in volume of Work
  2. Increasing caused by Change Orders
  3. Increasing caused by Additional Works
  4. Increasing caused by Excusable Delays

Fourth: Changes in Circumstances

  1. Changes in Tax and/or SSO Laws and Regulations
  2.  Changes in Custom Clearance Costs and Fees
  3. Unexpected Increasing in Execution Costs and Expenses
  4. International Sanctions and Embargo