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دفتر کانون قراردادنویسان ایران

Iranian Contract Club (ICC), as a bar for specialists in contract drafting, an Institution duly registered in I.R. of Iran before the State Administration Registrar of Companies and Industrial IPs of Iran, under registry No: 41627 and national code No. 14006763583, with the professional and experienced staff including contract drafters, technical advisers, lawyer and advocates, provide the contractual services including but not limited to drafting contracts in Farsi and English and also settlement of contractual disputes over amicable negotiations, compromising and arbitration, and training contract drafting, in the various field of industries

The institute aims to provide consulting, contract drafting services and training services by utilizing the elite and experts in these disciplines and seeking to gain the satisfaction of clients

Companies can contact the institute to receive the best service including negotiation, drafting contract, as well as resolving and resolving contractual problems

The institute avail itself of experts services who are fluent in English and familiar with how they draw up contracts in English upon request

کتب کانون قراردادنویسان ایران

Our Mission

  1. Providing comprehensive services for drafting contracts in English and Persian -including negotiation-commenting on contracts-modifying and finalizing the contracts-preparing and drawing up contracts in accordance with the information provided by our customers-contract management-termination with or without  of cause of the contract and management of Claims and settlement of disputes
  2. Guaranteeing the correctness of writing the contract and maintaining the rights and interests of the parties to the contract
  3. Compliance with all standards and legal rules for drafting contracts
  4. Proper and competent accountability and earning customer satisfaction
  5. Settlement of contractual disputes
  6. Provide educational services in the field of contracts, including workshops, classes and seminars
  7. Preparation of contract format for organizations, companies and individuals