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FAQ-Iran Contract Club


1- Who owns the Iran Contract Club?

The Iranian Contract Club is a private entity and is not affiliated with any governmental body and operates independently as a law firm.

2-What is the strategy of Iran Contract Club?

The Iran Contract Club provides services related to contracts and in this regard, pays special attention to the training contract drafting.

3- What is the scope of the services of the Iran Contract Club?

The Iran Contract Club provides services in the field of everything related to the negotiation, commenting and drawing up contracts, and in this regard, provides services for preparing tender documents, commenting on tender documents, drafting contract terms, resolving contract disputes, preparing corporate transaction regulations, managing contracts, translates contract documents as well as training in these areas.

4- What is the special feature of the Iran Contract Club in drafting contracts?

Availing itself of experts who are experienced in contract drafting in industrial companies, technical experts and financial experts to review contracts.

5- In what languages does the Iran Contract Club provides its services?

Persian and English.

6-Can I do business with the Iran Contract Club?

You may have our support in your buisiness without loosing your commercial market. You can perform all services referred to you in cooperation with us and in this regard, gain sufficient and necessary experience over time.

7- What is MIREX Exam?

It is a test conducted by the Iran Contract Club to rank experts and contract managers and will be the basis for their organizational promotion or for recruitment in companies.

16-Please explain about arbitration club under the governance of Iran Contract Club?

 It is an Independent entity under the control of Iran Contract Club that specializes in resolving contractual disputes and has independent arbitration rules called CODAC with the following English abreviation:

Contractual Disputes Arbitration Club.