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Drafting Contract

Drafting Contract

Iran Contract Club Iran Contract Club
Iran Contract Club

Arbitration and Conciliation Expert Centre for Settlement of Contractual Disputes

The settlement of disputes should be referred to someone who is familiar with the contractual concepts, forms of the contract, drafting contract and the rules of arbitration.

Arbitration Rules

Contractual disputes are arbitrated according to CODAC (Contractual Disputes Arbitration Club) rules, and arbitrators specializing in contract drafting will resolve disputes according to these Rules.

Request for Arbitration

The request for arbitration and conciliation shall be registered with the Secretariat of the CODAC Arbitration Center.

Our Services Expert Centre for
Negotiation and Drafting Contracts
in Persian and English


Negotiations require the oratory, capability in discussion and being influent in language, understanding the needs of the parties as well as the methods and knowledge of situations.


The starting point of any trade relations is the formation of a general cooperation agreement which contains fewer binding obligations and roadmap and framework of the future trade agreement.


Drafting contract requires knowledge regarding types of contract, commitment and determination of parties’ obligation, responsibility and liability, and also correct use of words representing such items.

Dispute Settlement

CODAC Arbitration Center eliminates the want of appropriate procedure for settlement and with its own rules, specialized resolving contractual disputes by expert arbitrator.

Contractual Claim

Contractual disputes are unavoidable, and we need experienced and efficient professionals who can be successful in filing a lawsuit or defending against a lawsuit.


Lawyers and engineers in drafting contracts need training that the Iranian Contract-Drafter Club with experienced experts can meet this need by holding workshops.

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